by Heather Thomas and Family
Guest Bloggers, Summer of Service Volunteers

Thank you to Heather and her family who participated in our last Summer of Service volunteer project! If you are wondering why it is so great to get your kids involved in volunteer work, just read their experiences below!

Hannah Minor, Age 14

“This summer I had the chance to do service with United Way of Salt Lake. It is a great experience that all of my family and I got to share. At first I didn’t have the best attitude about being there because it was summer and I felt that I had other things that I could be doing like hanging out with friends. When I got to the very first activity I saw that we were going to be packing books for children that didn’t have the money to buy them on their own. I realized how much it probably would help them and I started to feel better about being there. At the end of the first activity after all of the work I felt good, like I helped someone that wasn’t as fortunate as I was. I knew that what I did was much more productive than what I would have been doing if I wasn’t there. It made me feel good that I had made a difference in a child’s life. I am grateful to United Way for providing that experience for my family and me, and that I got to understand the importance of service.”

Darby Mecham, Age 13

“I am so glad I had the opportunity to volunteer for United Way because it’s nice to just take a break from life and help others. To not have to worry about any of my problems and to help other people overcome theirs is nice and inspiring. Being able to help others in such a simple and convenient way is an opportunity that no one should pass by. The United Way does an excellent job of making sure it is a fun family activity. Also, I am glad that children get to participate because it just makes it that much more fun. They don’t know what they’re doing, and why, but when they’re older they’ll be grateful that they learned to help others. I am so glad I got to volunteer with United Way of Salt Lake.”

Sadie Mecham, Age 10

“I went to a service project one Saturday morning at United Way of Salt Lake. I didn’t think it would be much fun until I started. We made little packets that had all these papers in them.  Although they were easy to make they where fun because of all the happy and smiling faces. I also got to draw pictures to encourage kids to do a good job in school or to read. It was a great feeling to know I helped someone or encouraged him or her to read, but now I want to do a service project everyday.”

Wyatt Mecham, Age 6

“I really liked that we helped people this summer.  When I help people it makes me feel happy that we are helping kids that don’t have as much as I do.  I hope that when they get the books that we packaged for them that they will be able to be better readers and learn about things they really love to do.”

United Way of Salt Lake and 2-1-1 are sponsoring one more volunteer project this summer at the Utah Food Bank on Thursday, August 9th from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Then, join us for our Recognition Event on Saturday, September 8th at Junior Achievement City at the Gateway Mall from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

For more information, please dial 2-1-1 or visit our website!