by Elizabeth Garbe

Public Policy Director

Last week was fairly quiet with regards to UW priorities, but as Robert Gehrke, reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune tweeted on Thursday, “BREAKING: Stuff is starting to happen.” (Follow Gehrke on Twitter @RobertGehrke).

Base budgets were passed and sent to the Governor for his signature on Friday. Prioritization for programs such as Optional Extended-Day Kindergarten and Senator Osmond’s High Quality Preschool Project, will begin. Please take 5 to respond to the Action Alert urging the Public Education Appropriations Committee to ensure this important program receives $10 million in on-going funding.

Many new bills were introduced last week. United Way will be taking positions on these new bills–so stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, check out UW’s bill list to see the bills we are currently following and where they are in the process.

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See you on the hill!