This post first appeared in 2013 when Angie was a sixth grader. See story below and find out how Angie is doing today (February, 2016).

Angie is a sixth grader at Woodrow Wilson Elementary. She consistently wins the “best student award” for scoring 100 percent on spelling and math quizzes. She knows that she is going to college and that she will be an English teacher. Angie came to this country as a very young girl and had to learn English. No one in her family speaks English, no one has finished high school, and no one has  gone to college. Angie says she is going to be the first to do all those things. She wants to teach people from other countries how to speak English, including her grandma and grandpa. Her dream after she becomes a teacher is to then go on to become a doctor, and Angie is on track to fulfill her dream!

Angie is one of 737 low-income, at-risk kids who had the opportunity to participate in a Utah high-quality preschool program. When class started, 238 children tested as needing special education. After completing the high-quality preschool program, only 11 students  actually needed special education. As it turned out, most of these kids just lacked opportunity. Today, Angie and her fellow preschool classmates are at the top of their and outperforming many of the other students in their grade! These students have closed the achievement gap in math and English and are proving that high-quality preschool truly changes the odds for at-risk children—today and for future generations to come.

Updated 2016:

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Want to know how Angie is doing today? Watch this new VIDEO and find out!

Angie's StoryVIDEO posted February, 2016.