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Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing important content from our newly released Promise Partnership Regional Council 2015 Results Report. Nearly one in three of Utah’s children live in the Promise Partnership Region, and Results Matter: The 2016 Results Report of the Promise Partnership Regional Council, describes how we are working together differently so that every child in our region can reach eight crucial milestones. This week, we are focusing on Kindergarten Readiness. Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.27.16 PM*You can view the report in its entirety by clicking above.

chris-ellisby Chris Ellis
Partnership Director, Early Learning Outcomes

The Promise Partnership Regional Council (PPRC) knows that early learning matters. Research has shown that the most rapid period of human brain development occurs between birth and age five. This development provides the foundation for future learning and health. We also know that investments in high-quality early childhood programs have significant effects on children’s life outcomes, especially for at-risk children in our communities. Therefore, the PPRC is committed working differently to improve early childhood outcomes by aligning data, resources, and strategies to support the needs of our youngest children.

Through partnerships with Early Childhood Utah and the Early Learning Network, the PPRC recognizes that children are more likely to succeed when parents are supported from the birth of their child and have knowledge of and access to the resources their children need. These groups also acknowledge the importance of high-quality early learning opportunities for all children. Developing and aligning these supports will lead to more children in our communities demonstrating age-appropriate development and entering kindergarten ready to learn.

The PPRC is currently working with these groups to develop strategies to support outcomes for our youngest children. In 2015, these groups focused on increasing the number of children who received a developmental screener, the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, a parent completed, developmental and social-emotional screener, and were then linked to resources to support their healthy development. These groups also worked with providers throughout the State to improve the quality of early childhood programs and increase the number of children who were able to access quality supports.

The PPRC will continue this work in the upcoming year and look forward to improving the number of children in our communities who are demonstrating age-appropriate development and entering kindergarten ready to learn. The group is committed to achieving these goals by aligning the group’s work with other early childhood efforts in Utah, utilizing the collective impact framework, and using data to develop targeted strategies to meet the diverse needs of our population.

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