allison-tby Allison Temnick
Community Investment Advisor

This year, it has been my joy and privilege to help Questar coordinate its corporate giving campaign. If you do not already know, Questar takes corporate social responsibility very seriously. Because of its culture of generosity, enthusiastic United Way planning committee, and dollar for dollar corporate match, Questar is United Way’s largest corporate supporter every year – and this year will be no exception!

If I went into detail about all of the campaign activities Questar hosted, this would be a very long blog, so I will just focus on a few. First of all, Questar recognizes the value in getting every employee involved in the campaign. As you can imagine, this requires a great deal of coordination for a company as large as Questar. Each year, the Questar committee selects a team of Coordinators and Champions that plan campaign activities for their departments. The campaign kickoff is a training meeting for all Coordinators and Champions where the campaign theme is officially announced. This year’s theme was “Be a Rockstar,” so the room was decorated with posters and cardboard cut outs, senior leadership showed up in rockstar costumes, and employees wrote and performed songs. The energy and enthusiasm was contagious!


After that, Coordinators and Champions planned rockstar-related activities for their departments, which included six kickoff presentations, ten site visits, three in-kind donations drives, and two volunteer projects, just in the Salt Lake region alone! You would have to search long and hard to find a Questar employee that was not involved in this year’s United Way campaign in one way or another.


In addition to those activities, Questar planned several special events, including a bake sale, pinewood derby, cornhole tournament, and a 5K. I had the opportunity to attend all of these events, so I can assure you – they were a great time! My personal favorite were the rockstar costumes at the 5K and the fact that an entire floor shut down for a few hours during the finals of the cornhole tournament. Questar may know how to have a good time, but they take competition pretty seriously!


Thank you to each and every Questar employee for your participation in this year’s United Way campaign. Our community is better off because of your generosity!