timby Tim Harrison
Community Investment Advisor

The end of October marks one of my favorite holidays, but this year it also marked the end of Questar Corporation’s epic campaign. Because the company is so large, the length of the campaign is unclear; they roll it out in well-coordinated phases, empowering Champions and Coordinators to engage their respective teams. What’s undisputed, though, is how dedicated its management and staff are to their community. More than just a campaign, Questar engages with our work year-round, setting the bar for how a corporation and its staff can change the odds.


Here are the top ten reasons Questar is the Best of the Best:

10: Every year, they produce a homemade and endearing campaign video that reminds the staff how and why they support their community.

9:   They frequently sponsor our events. Up next, they’re sponsoring our United Way of Salt Lake Holiday Party! (Have you registered?)

8:  Every year they support their community by participating in Day of Caring. This year they recruited 87 volunteers to help the Historic Scott School in South Salt Lake.

7: Questar matches their employee gifts, dollar for dollar.

6: They’re a Cornerstone Partner! Cornerstone Partners are generous and committed corporations and foundations that direct their resources towards underwriting our costs of doing business.

5: Chairman, President and CEO Ron Jibson, chairs our Tocqueville Society.

4: Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Craig Wagstaff, serves on our board.

3: They have many other Donor Network members serving on our committees—too many to name!

2: Their creative staff members are always finding new ways to engage their colleagues: Wii bowling tournament for charity, anyone?

And the number one reason we love Questar: if this list were a “top ten-thousand,” they still could have filled it.

Thank you, Questar Corporation, for all you do year round to change the odds for kids and families in our toughest neighborhoods.

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