by Ashley Hillman

Collective Impact Director

Several members from WPN’s Women for Educational Achievement committee volunteered their time at Reality Town on May 4 at Cottonwood High School. Reality Town is a two hour simulation where students make financial decisions regarding their assigned family, occupation, monthly expenditures, taxes, and budget. Reality Town gives students a realistic financial experience, intended to help shape future decisions. WPN’s Women for Educational Achievement committee is embarking on a mentoring pilot in SSL, and this opportunity gave members the opportunity to engage one-on-one with several SSL high-school students.

We are so thankful to the WPN members for helping out!  It sounds like they had a great experience.

“My experience volunteering at Cottonwood High’s Reality Town was tremendous and a great learning experience – for me and the students.  My role was to sell Medical and Dental Insurance and to help students evaluate the decision to buy versus taking the risk on not being covered.  I was surprised by the diversity of students and by their understanding of the need to protect themselves and their families for unanticipated medical and dental costs.  Writing a check for insurance coverage was a new experience for most – and they all seemed to enjoy making the decisions as to how to spend their paychecks. Very well organized and attended by students and volunteers alike!
–Mary Ann Holladay

“The Reality Town program at Cottonwood High was a great way to expose students to real-life experiences and to give them a better understanding of how their needs and choices will affect their outcome in life.  Many students enjoyed getting their bank checks and then picking out large homes and sports cars.  It was interesting to then sit with students and discuss the opportunities they had to either get a second job or to get a smaller home so they could purchase food or clothing.  I can see how this experience will benefit the students by giving them a whole new perspective on their future.  I enjoyed being a part of this valuable program!” –Stephanie Scheffler

Thanks for volunteering and LIVING UNITED!