by Selena Benson

Young Leader Member

Guest Blogger

Friday night’s United Way Young Leaders Annual Event took me back to the 80s.  Since we’re all young leaders (emphasis on young) we are barely old enough to remember the 80s. Well, perhaps some of us are hanging on with a thread to “young” and are a product of the 80s.  No matter when you were born, I think using a little 80s lingo is the best way to describe the event!

The night started with a tribute to Greg Summerhays.  He’s a righteous dude who has contributed much to the community through service.  Thanks to him for setting the example for all of us!  He’s like totally radical.

It can’t be a party without food and drink.  We enjoyed meatballs, wings, pasta, veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, and some gnarly mashed potatoes. The drinks were tubular to the max.  Whether your drink of choice was water, Diet Coke, rum and Coke, wine or beer, everyone was for sure hydrated!

Thrown in between the program and the band were some way excellent prizes and a photo booth.  I tried not to have a cow when I won the “home improvement” basket.  Lots of people won awesome gifts but I have to be honest and admit that I quit paying attention because I was like wigging out over my win!

The overall highlight was the 80s music performed by the Spazmatics.  They were like major stellar and I was stoked to hear them play.  Every hoser, spaz, dweeb, bodacious babe, wannabe, stud muffin, dexter, and surfer dude headed to the dance floor to rock the night away.

I don’t want to leave out the thanks portion of this blog.  Thanks to The Depot for hosting our event for so many years in a row.  The Depot is a wicked cool venue with two spacious levels for getting drinks and enjoying the music. Thanks to the Spazmatics for a totally amazing evening of music. Thanks also to those who planned this year’s event with a major shout out to Megan Jones, Rochelle Davis, Christina DeVore and the Young Leader Events & Public Relations committee.

A big thank you to United Way of Salt Lake’s Young Leaders for making this event possible and raising nearly $30,000 for early childhood education! We had a great time, but raising money for a wonderful cause like early childhood education made the night even better!  Can’t wait for next year!