DSC_0030LRGby Zenia Frandt                                                                       Leadership Giving Director Women’s Leadership Council/Tocqueville Society

RICOH (Formerly known as Ikon) has been running a United Way campaign for many years. Having always been terrific supporters of our work, they recently welcomed a United Way of Salt Lake representative to share our new message about collective impact, and how our neighborhood centers are changing the odds in the Salt Lake area.

DOC 2012 034
DOC 2012 037Not only does RICOH run a United Way campaign, they also always get a group together to give back to the community on our annual Day of Caring. This year, RICOH is taking it a step further. They have agreed to not only support the important work United Way of Salt Lake is doing only once a year, during the campaign season, but throughout the year as well! This kind of “year round engagement” recognizes that there is always more to be done, and that stepping out of the daily grind to give back to your community even when it ISN’T the yearly UW drive will benefit not only the children and families who need it, but the company and employees who are giving as well. It truly is good for the well-being of all.

IMG_4030RICOH employees will be at our Granger Elementary Neighborhood Center in May, working with a United Way of Salt Lake/Utah Food Bank partnership. We wish them a rewarding experience, and thank them for LIVING UNITED!