by Candace Turner
Rocky Mountain Power


Every year, Rocky Mountain Power employees volunteer for United Way of Salt Lake’s Day of Caring. This year 20 of our employees had the opportunity to volunteer at Woodrow Wilson Elementary. We were able help with math tutoring, reading, and most importantly — a couple of very exciting games of kick ball!

We were placed with Mrs. Holmstead’s class and were able to sit down in small groups and get to know each other. The task was to help the students work on communication skills. We were so moved by the personal experiences that the students shared with us in the short amount of time. Many have faced such adversity in their young lives and still had so much joy and happiness — they truly inspired each of us. We had a wonderful day with these amazing kids and didn’t want it to end.

DSC_4045A few weeks later we received a package with thank you cards from the students. We were so moved by the messages written that we decided that we needed to MAKE THE TIME to do more! We went through the simple process of setting up a weekly volunteer slot every Monday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Now, we look forward to Monday more than ever!

IMG_6902THANK YOU, United Way of Salt lake,
for making this possible and enriching OUR lives!!