timby Tim Harrison
Senior Community Investment Advisor


Last week, Savage employees wrapped up another fun-filled campaign to support our community. The world has to know how differently this company and its employees approach Changing the Odds for kids and families! To say they were “committed” would be an understatement. 

Savage Services is currently providing over a dozen volunteers per week to tutor exiting ninth graders who are recovering lost academic credit that they need in order to graduate. We’re starting to see some remarkable results and hear some heartwarming stories about their achievement–so plan on a full update here on The Hub, after we have wrapped up the summer tutoring session.

As far as the campaign goes, Savage blew its own records out of the water (no surprise there). I’m talking by tens of thousands of dollars, people! Part of that is due to the generous employees, who proudly exclaim that 100% of the company participates; it doesn’t matter how much you give, but that you’re all giving together to make a difference. Another big part of that increase is due to the corporate match of employee gifts, which is a remarkable $2 for every $1 pledged!

But hey, it’s always nice when the company kicks back a few prizes for donating, too. Savage didn’t hold back when they raffled off tickets to shows, Jazz suites, vacations up the canyon, and the most coveted parking spaces in the front row of the parking lot!

Thank you — to all the Savage donors, advocates, and volunteers! This community is lucky to have your ongoing support. You are all an outstanding example of what it means to LIVE UNITED. Shawn Nie Parking photo 2 Jayme Jensen Parking Carol Parking Spot Brad Perringer Parking