drew_martinezby Drew Martinez
Senior Resource Development Executive

Diamond Donors have contributed to United Way for 20 years or more and exhibit extraordinary dedication to making a difference in our community. This strong base of loyal supporters has enabled us to continue to create opportunities for a better tomorrow.
To show our love for these committed supporters, we will be delivering valentines over the next few weeks to over 800 Diamond Donors. If you are one of these steadfast supporters, look out for a special valentine treat coming your way! You have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to improving lives and building stronger communities where you live.  Your consistent support is truly making a difference and from all of us at United Way of Salt Lake, we thank you!

If you have been giving to United Way for over 20 years, we would like to thank you. Please contact Drew Martinez at 801.746.2562 or drew@uw.org so we can recognize you, provide information about special opportunities, and make sure you know how important you are to us.

DDVdayjpgA big thanks to Sweets Candy for its generous donation
of the candy for this recognition.