by Myrna Clark

Guest Blogger, Promise South Salt Lake Coordinator

The South Salt Lake Neighborhood Fair was held on May 10th! We had 26 agencies participate in the event. These agencies varied from education, toddler and infant programs, housing, dental, nursing care, healthy water, other children services and legal services. These agencies also found that they can refer clients and tap into other resources that were at the Fair. Residents trickled in steadily through the evening roughly 250-300 folks stopped by the fair. Many saw their street blocked and were curious, but most came because they received word through flyer or neighbors.  A couple who had just moved into the city nine months age came late while we were taking things down and were impressed that these agency and the information is brought into their neighborhood, instead of meeting up at a center or other public places.

Helpful folks translation for the Spanish speaking group at the event. I think it made a difference that  Spanish speakers had  help to understand what was there and how these programs can be helpful for them. Most residents I spoke with were very positive about the fair and they found the resource and information something that can benefit them.

Many departments in the City of South Salt Lake put in time and donations for prizes for the fair. Residents took around a paper with each of the agency present to talk with them, they returned it for a prize. We received from it a hand full of resident contact information that I will be making phone calls to follow up for feedback.

It was commented that they fair was informative to those that came and helpful for all who participated and planned.