Blythe Pennby Blythe Penn
Website and Email Marketing Manager

In January 2016, I began working with United Way of Salt Lake as the Website and Email Marketing Manager. Previous to this position, I lived in Central Virginia, where I worked as a Digital Marketing Manager for several small businesses.

In that capacity I wore many hats–product photographer, social media content creator, e-commerce specialist, and made a big difference for small business owners. I learned the importance of a well-maintained, responsive, digital presence and the impact simple changes can provide.

Professionally, I have wanted to work with nonprofits for some time. I searched all over the country and felt I found a good fit when I came across an opening with United Way of Salt Lake. Established nonprofit? Check. Educational focus? Check. Solid digital footprint? Check. Once I met the United Way staff, I knew I was right. The creative energy, drive, and teamwork is palpable in the office — buzzing with a forward thinking, results-driven focus. Not only is the UWSL staff sharp, they care.

At a young age, I realized I had opportunities that others did not. Later, in my work as a Montessori preschool teacher, I saw children overcome various hurdles with the help of consistent encouragement, dialogue, and exposure to new ideas. Combining my experience in web marketing and early childhood education, I jumped at the chance to join the UWSL team.

During the 2016 legislative session, I added my voice to the UWSL Digital Team in support of bills backing 2-1-1, high-quality preschool, and Partnerships for Student Success—all of which passed! I attended Young Leaders’ Day on the Hill, where I shook hands with my representative, discussed policy, and toured the capitol. This was a great experience that showed me the impact I can have on the issues I care about and also that there is always more that UWSL staff is involved in than just their “jobs.”

YL Capitol
Beyond voicing my individual support of UWSL’s promise to change the odds for kids and families, keeping UWSL’s web pages in tip-top shape is essential to its mission. As a society, we’ve moved into a deeply web-based, digitally-interactive culture, and reaching philanthropic audiences must keep up with this movement. There’s a lot that goes into creating a polished, consistent, accessible web presence such as clarifying website structure and back end data systems, SEO implementation, identifying audiences, and making web pages phone-friendly. UWSL is diligent about testing, refining, and modernizing its digital processes, and I’m thrilled to be part of that transition.In Angie’s story, a video about a student who directly affected by United Way’s work, Angie says, “If I give back to kids, I feel like I’m giving back to the people that also helped me.”

I couldn’t agree more.

I’m honored to be part of an organization that believes in strengthening individuals and families, both in the services it provides as well as in the way UWSL employees work with each other and LIVE UNITED on a daily basis.