by Shannon Harmon

Resource Development Executive

The Hser Ner Moo Welcome Center recently celebrated their grand re-opening.  Thanks to strong and powerful partnerships, the center was renovated to give residents of South Salt Lake a place to gather that is much bigger than before.  We are all excited to see South Salt Lake residents enjoy their new space!  From classrooms, to a computer lab, to meeting rooms and even an official office for the staff–every square inch has been remodeled and made bigger and more accessible.  But celebrating and telling the story of the remodel wouldn’t be complete without sharing how the center’s shiny ‘new-to-them’ copy machine came to be.

A few weeks before the Welcome Center began construction, the staff mentioned the need for a copy machine.  Although normally a staple to every office, the staff was unable to make copies on site.  This was problematic, not just for a convenience but it also presented yet another barrier to those who frequented the center and needed to make copies for a variety of reasons like applying for jobs or providing documents for their child’s school.  Around the same time Hser Ner Moo mentioned their need, Lee Christensen from Automated Business Products (a company whose employees donate to United Way), called and told me that he has access to old copy machine that still worked and may be of use to programs who work with United Way.  Perfect!! It couldn’t have worked out better!  It seemed like the stars aligned just in time to find a new home for an old copy machine.

The staff at Hser Ner Moo mentioned a need and instantly we had a way to fill it thanks to Automated Business Products.  One big hooray for Collect Impact!  Yet another reminder that it’s not just about nonprofits doing great work in our community but businesses, faith-based organizations, foundations, school districts, cities, and essentially everyone coming together to help change the odds for an entire community.

I had the opportunity to visit the center with Lee just before it re-opened to the public. We met up with Domoina Voniarisoa, the project coordinator at the center.  She was so grateful and excited to see the copy center in their newly remodeled office.  Lee laughed as he said that he doesn’t see very many people so excited about a copy machine but realized Domoina’s excitement was for a good reason.  Although small, one less worry about where to make a photocopy for residents of South Parc apartments means one less barrier to ultimate success!

A BIG thank you to Automated Business Products for their generosity and commitment to the community.  Without such generosity from their employees as well as the corporation, United Way and all of its partners wouldn’t be able to change the odds for thousands of children and families in our community.  Here’s to what it means to LIVE UNITED!