by Catherine Barnhart

Guest Blogger, English Skills Learning Center

A few months ago, Farhio told her teacher that when she first started taking
classes in 2009 that she was afraid to speak English to other people
because she was not sure she spoke English properly.  However, she has gained a
lot of confidence since then and will now talk to people in English whenever she can!

Farhio has now been the P.T. A. secretary and has given a lot of service to the
school.  She helps in the classrooms, with refreshments for various
activities, and supports her children in their school work.  She is friends
with the principal, the office staff, her children’s teachers, and other members of the school.  She has three daughters at Backman Elementary and her oldest
daughter has just been accepted into the advanced placement program.

In addition to excelling her English skills, Farhio passed her Citizenship
test without even telling her teacher that she was taking it.  She listened
to tapes and was very diligent in her study for the test.

She is making grest progress on her reading skills as well.  It is difficult for her,
but she persists.  She is using her teacher’s computer program from Reading
Horizons and the workbook that was given to her from from Reading Horizons.

Congratulations, Farhio, on your continued success!