by Catherine Barnhart

Guest Blogger, English Skills Learning Center

We always love to hear the successes that are happening in our neighborhoods!  It is amazing what can be accomplished when wonderful people, great resources, and hard work come together! Yoga’s story has all of these components.

Yoga Sapkota’s former teacher said, “Yoga is a very fun person to tutor in
English, and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know her and
her family.  She likes to kid around and laugh, yet is very serious too
about improving her English. Yoga likes to also teach me about Nepali
traditions, food, and a few simple words, which remind me of the challenges
of learning a new language! With her outgoing and friendly personality, she
is eager to show me her class-work, and never missed doing her homework. She
practices, asks questions, and it is amazing to see how much she remembers
and builds upon at each new tutoring session. Yoga is so committed to
learning English because she wants to be able to get a good job and to apply
for US Citizenship–and she puts forth a fantastic effort.”

In May 2011, Yoga got hired at the LDS Humanitarian Center and is making
leaps and bounds in English acquisition. Everybody who knows Yoga is so
proud and knows how hard it can be to attend school, working, and then go
home to cook dinner, clean her apartment and  care for her two young
children.  Yoga, is an inspiration to us all.

We are so happy to support Yoga in her continued success!