by Chris Buckley
Guest Blogger, Swire

Swire kicked off its 2016 United Way workplace campaign at the annual Halloween Party where team members dress up, compete, and eat lots of pizza & cookies. This year we opened the party by explaining what United Way of Salt Lake does in its collective impact work and spoke of ways team members could become involved. We also kicked off the on-line auction which raised over 30,000 dollars AND a new event, Email Bingo.

We held fun and educational events during the two-week campaign, ending with a large BBQ held on November 11th at the Draper Campus. Seven teams participated in a wacky trike race while they were dressed in colorful costumes – the weather was perfect and the BBQ was held outside. The Jazz Bear even made a visit to the BBQ and we held a free throw contest with Jazz Club tickets for the winners! All along, United Way team member, Jake Housel, supported Swire by collecting pledge forms, participating in the events, and teaching Swire team members about the wonderful work United Way of Salt Lake City does.


You can find out more about that work and get involved HERE

This year’s campaign was successful and employees were excited to commit to creating change in our community.

We look forward to adding more United Way volunteer opportunities for our team members to participate in throughout the year!