alison_2011by Alison Cundiff
Resource Development Executive

Last Thursday, T.D. Williamson campaign committee members kicked-off their campaign planning by taking a tour of one of United Way of Salt Lake’s Neighborhood Centers, Guadalupe School. It was a fun and informative tour given by Community School Coordinator Brandon Elwood and Guadalupe’s principal Ernie Nix. Here is what Patti Sharp, Administrative Assistant from T.D. Williamson, had to say about the tour:

“I was one of the lucky people from T.D. Williamson to go and take a tour of Guadalupe School on Thursday, May 30th. The school had charm to it as we walked the halls and looked in to the classrooms. You could feel the love and the care from those that worked within its walls. The principal had a passion for his students and their families that made you feel as though there was nothing more important in all the world. As we visited one of the kindergarten classrooms I was overcome with how sweet and happy the children were and how excited they were to be learning and playing. Two of the boys went around and shook everyone’s hands and one of the little girls showed me the picture she was drawing. It was a very sweet and inspiring tour. Those who work at Guadalupe School have embarked on a mission that will touch the lives of more than people than I think even they can comprehend. It’s a wonderful place that inspires you to be better, help those around you, and enjoy every moment in life.”

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Thanks to Guadalupe School for hosting this great tour and showing
T.D. Williamson employees what it means to LIVE UNITED!