by Shannon Harmon

Resource Development Executive

Special thanks to Rick Barker and the Corporate Business Development Division at CHG Healthcare!  Rick, along with his team, Tina Clegg, Mike Dalton, Dave Barney, and Jim Wissler were looking for a team-building volunteer project that they could finish during the workday to give to those that needed their help.  Through our volunteer coordination at United Way of Salt Lake, the team was matched with the Boys and Girls Club of South Valley.  All 5 CHG employees helped to paint the activity room from multi-colored to a lovely shade of blue.  After the project, Jim Wissler said, “I’m proud to work for a firm that finds value in helping others in need.  As you know, volunteering is a selfish process, as we, the volunteer, gain much more than any recipient receives from our efforts.”

The mission of United Way of Salt Lake is to improve lives and build strong communities by uniting individuals and organizations with the passion, expertise, and resources need to solve problems.  The willingness and generosity of CHG employees helped us to do just that.  We are grateful to CHG, Rick and his team and to the Boys and Girls Club of South Valley for helping to strengthen a powerful partnership to truly improve our community.

If you or perhaps the company you work for would like to complete a volunteer project, please contact Brian Guyer at

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