Bill by Bill Crim

Sixteen years ago, I met Deborah Bayle as she became CEO of United Way of Salt Lake (I was the Executive Director of a partner organization at the time). I was instantly impressed by her leadership and vision. We became partners and friends – working together closely as UWSL’s Board began to provide much needed leadership in the area of public policy advocacy.

Deborah BayleFive years later, Deborah was making space for me to join the UWSL team and giving me the chance to contribute to an organizational transformation that has positioned both UWSL and our broader community to achieve social change at an unprecedented scale. For the past nearly 11 years, I have been fortunate to work alongside and learn from Deborah, and to be part of the amazing team of Board volunteers and talented staff she has assembled here.

BIll and DeborahToday, I am humbled and honored to follow Deborah as the new CEO of United Way of Salt Lake. Our journey, from a United Way that works largely alone to provide funding to programs, to a United Way that engages entire communities in partnerships working to solve complex social problems, has been truly incredible. This kind of change, and the results it has achieved, only occurs when many people are working together, but I can honestly say that it would not have been possible without Deborah’s courage and talent as a leader.

As we move forward, we know that our Promise Partnerships with schools, local governments, nonprofit organizations, businesses, churches, and others are transforming the way people work together and achieving results no one could achieve alone.  Building on this foundation, we are committed to achieving the vision established under Deborah’s leadership – that every child is healthy from birth, successful in school through college, and financially stable in their adult lives.