by Chelsea Nelson
Interactive Communications Director

For nonprofits to thrive in a new economy, they must be innovative and collaborative. Funders play a critical role, as an essential partner with nonprofits, in long-term social change.

Today, United Way of Salt Lake held its first Funders Summit where our community’s foremost philanthropists, as well as corporate and community leaders, discussed evolving nonprofit business models, achieving measurable returns on philanthropic investments, and creating lasting solutions to our toughest social challenges. Participants had the opportunity to hear from two leading experts on philanthropy and Collective Impact; Mark R. Kramer and Don Howard. Both speakers discussed Collective Impact, how it is changing the way that nonprofits work, and how backbone organizations such as United Way of Salt Lake serve to facilitate social change. Deborah Bayle, UWSL’s President and CEO, also spoke about United Way of Salt Lake’s role in our community as a backbone organization to bring the right partners together, collect data, align programs, and assure that these elements are in place for each of our neighborhoods.

Thank you to JP Morgan Chase for sponsoring this important summit and for everyone who participated. We hope you will all join us in fulfilling our promise to create opportunities so that children, even in the toughest neighborhoods, have the chance to become productive, self-reliant members of our community. The long-term effects benefit all of us.