by Linda Turkington

Community Impact Associate

Yesterday, Target called Emilie, our volunteer coordinator here at United Way of Salt Lake, and told her that they had two pre-decorated trees that they wanted to donate–all we had to do was pick them up!

I arrived at the store and after seeing the size of the trees I knew instantly that I needed help getting the trees into the home of the family who was receiving them. After a call to my husband, he came to help. My husband and I love Christmas and it is a big deal at our home. To see our house, you would feel like you were walking into Santa’s house. Every inch is covered with decorations. We have lights inside and out and my husband literally doesn’t miss a room. Yes, even our bathroom is decorated.

We arrived at the family’s house with both of the Christmas trees. We got to work unwrapping the tree from its saran wrap and re-arranging the ornaments that had taken a tumble in the car ride over. The family had two girls and a boy whose eyes sparkled at the sight of their new trees. They instantly started to dance and went to touch some of the new ornaments on their tree!  It was so exciting to see them so happy.

Thank You, Target, for your generosity in making this family’s Christmas a little brighter! And…for reminding two adults what the true spirit of Christmas is about.