shannon_2010by Shannon Harmon
Leadership Giving Director

At the Women’s Leadership Council’s recent Get Connected, Get Involved event, Agnes Chiao, Vice President of Collective Impact, presented about the work going on in United Way’s Promise Partnerships and how Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) members are part of a broader community school strategy intended to “move the needle” of success for students and families in these neighborhoods. As part of this Collective Impact work, each school, in partnership with various community organizations including United Way, are working together to form a strategic plan around identified student needs in areas such as academic achievement, parent engagement, chronic absence, and healthcare. As an example of this process, Andrea Cox, Community Collaborations Director, presented on Granite Park Jr. High’s strategic plan. Granite Park Jr. High is located in South Salt Lake, in one of the most high-need areas in the state. As part of that presentation, Andrea demonstrated how WLC members fit within Granite Park Jr. High’s strategic plan by helping them align volunteer and mentoring efforts around students who display specific needs regarding academic achievement as well as transitioning students successfully from Jr. High to High School, and then to college.

We are excited to work closely with Andrea and Agnes, using the power of Collective Impact, to ensure all Women’s Leadership Council engagement opportunities and investments truly help us to change the odds for girls and young women in South Salt Lake.