shannon_2010by Shannon Harmon
Leadership Giving Director

Just before the holidays, Tocqueville Society members and prospects had a unique opportunity to see their investment hard at work by taking a tour of Cottonwood High Community School.

Principal Alan Parrish started the tour by speaking about the history of the school and how the strong partnership with United Way of Salt Lake has benefited students, parents, and the entire community. Tocqueville Society Chair, Ron Jibson, welcomed members and introduced Nate Salazar, Cottonwood High School Community School Coordinator. Nate explained importance and value of Collective Impact and how Tocqueville Society member’s investment in United Way of Salt Lake helps change the odds for kids Cottonwood High School.

We were also lucky to hear from Justeena Massina and Lindsey Hutton, both AmeriCorp Volunteers, about assisting students to make sure they stay on course for graduation and it was also wonderful to hear directly from Cottonwood High students: Madeline Hansen, Hasan Yunus, and Katy Dardon. All three students were well-spoken and helped paint a picture of how Collective Impact works in their school and has positively effected their academic outcomes.

After touring the school, attendees visited with Yuri Perez, a teacher in Cottonwood’s Language Academy. Yuri spoke to the group about the challenges and successes of the students he interacts with in the Language Academy.

Hearing from the many different people working directly with kids and families at Cottonwood High Community School, Tocqueville Society members were able to see what a difference giving back can make. It was truly inspiring to hear from staff, volunteers, and students about the strides they are making because of the great Collective Impact work that is happening.

Thank you to the many Tocqueville Society members who attended the tour. We are proud to show your investment at work. Thank you for all you do to LIVE UNITED and for investing in our communities, kids, and families.

Tocqueville Society members are philanthropists who demonstrate extraordinary generosity to our community by investing $10,000 or more annually in United Way of Salt Lake. These caring individuals and couples make an outstanding commitment to improving the quality of life in our community. Members are recognized locally and nationally for their commitment and for inspiring others to greater philanthropy.
To learn more about Tocqueville Society, please contact Shannon Harmon, Leadership Giving Director, at or 801-736-7704.