kpower(1)Kyle Power
CHG Healthcare
Director, Interactive Marketing

United Way Week at CHG Healthcare is always one of my favorite weeks of the year at the office. I remember my first United Way Week at CHG, three years ago, and being surprised by how involved employees were and how fun the events were, but also how much I realized I could help the community in which I live and work. So, it didn’t take long to decide that I should be an active participant in the activities during the week, but also to GIVE, ADVOCATE, and VOLUNTEER.

This year felt like the best for me. I was able to be on the United Way Week Committee and hear about all the great activities that would be happening during the week, as well as lead a committee of my own. I helped put on a beer and food event at The Annex by Epic Brewing. It was a great event to help raise funds for the United Way. The event was a great success and I look forward to more events like that to help build awareness and raise funds for the United Way.

It was also great to see Young Leaders get involved in the pizza eating contest. I won’t name names, but my favorite (last year’s champion) lost by two seconds — after I was told it was a “no brainer” for him to win! We had great executive participation in the “Wheel of Shame” at the live auction — our CFO was covered in lipstick and makeup, and our CEO had to do a duet with another senior leader!


One of the best things that happened during the week was that we were able to combine two components of “The Heart of CHG” as one — the Employee Network Groups donated a basket of home brew, with CHG inspired names and labels for the live auction. The donation generated over $1,000 for the United Way! Who knew a little time in the kitchen making what you love and some creative names and labels could help the community?

It truly is one of the greatest weeks at CHG and I am looking forward to United Way events through the course of the year, but I can’t wait for next year!

Our United Way campaign is a great way to help change the odds for kids and families in our neighborhoods, and at CHG, we are very proud to LIVE UNITED!


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