by Jessica Starks
Guest Blogger, UPS Corporate Customer Service Center

Going to the Utah Food Bank with UPS and United Way of Salt Lake was such an amazing experience.  What a great opportunity we had to learn more about how hunger in Utah affects hundreds of families each year within our own community.  We were so grateful to be able to contribute our time and donations as a small part towards a greater good.

The Utah Food Bank offered our group of volunteers a tour of their facility highlighting operations and programs that assist in the fight against hunger.  I was so impressed at how many different programs are available based on specific needs centered around age and location of the intended recipient.  The amount of thought and pre-planning involved is amazing and they are just so kind.  The tour also opened our eyes to how widespread the need to supply food to hungry families and children is growing.

At one point in the tour, it was brought to our attention that there tends to be more focus on hunger around the holidays, but the need for people to give and donate is needed year round.  Our group was able to divide and package pasta from large cases into smaller quantities or family size portions.

It was extremely rewarding to be given the opportunity to have such a positive experience and know that families in our own neighborhoods would have what they needed to eat.  There are so many different opportunities to volunteer for families and groups of all ages and sizes.  I would encourage anyone who is looking for opportunities to make a difference to check in with their local Food Bank.

UPS is a strong supporter of United Way on a global scale. We appreciate all they do for communities, and especially UPS Corporate Service Center’s increased participation with United Way of Salt Lake this year.