By Chelsea Nelson
Interactive Communications Director

Here at United Way of Salt Lake, we wanted to take a minute to consider what our resolutions would be for how to individually give back or become more involved in 2013!  We did this last year, and we wanted to reflect on our resolutions from 2012 and think about how we can give back more in 2013.  Being employees of UWSL, almost daily we hear about great opportunities to GIVE, ADVOCATE, or VOLUNTEER in our community  – and to each of us, these things are very important. We hope that by sharing some of our New Year’s resolutions, you will join with us and help make 2013 a great year for reaching out and Changing the Odds for entire communities!

What are some of YOUR
resolutions for LIVING UNITED?

Sarah TrescottLast year I was really inspired by the advocacy work UWSL was able to do up at the Capitol during the legislative session. This year I would like to make sure that I am informed on the issues and take action to make my voice heard! Advocacy, especially in the area of education, is really important in helping UWSL change the odds for kids and their families. Maybe this year, Utah won’t be last in education spending per student!  –Sarah Trescott, Website Development Director

Heather MacDonaldOne of my goals for 2013 is to volunteer at least one day a month. I hope that by volunteering myself, I can find additional ways to make the Volunteer Center a great resource for the community. I want to help others connect to meaningful opportunities to share their time and talents.  –Heather MacDonald, Volunteer Community Engagement Director

Tim HarrisonEvery year I come up with a lofty, inspiring resolution that is also ultimately indefinite.  Make some friends! But how many? Save more money! But how much? Enjoy life more! Give me a break. While this sort of resolution means well, it is far too easy to satisfy. So in order to hold myself to a specific, pass-fail standard, I am resolving to double our United Way 2-1-1 Twitter followers, (with the help of my colleagues, of course)!  Now that I’ve made this declaration, help me not embarrass myself by following us here, and learn about great volunteer opportunities as a bonus. –Tim Harrison, Resource Development Executive

logo_uw-uwslThis year I resolve to commit 8 hours a month to give Utah Scholars presentations to 8th grade students in high-need areas such as Salt Lake, Granite, and Jordan school districts. This is a great way to help students understand the importance of a college education and to encourage them to prepare now for their future! –Andrea J. Cox, Community Collaborations Director

Linda TurkingtonMy goal in 2012 was to volunteer three hours a week while working full time and going to school. I was able to commit to my hours most weeks, 75% of the time I would say. But there were some weeks when life was a little overwhelming. I realized that in trying to accomplish my goal, that service doesn’t always happen in a formal opportunity. Sometimes it’s taking time to help someone with their day when the opportunity presents itself. I have been touched by many stories of friends and family of the nice things that people did for them that came unexpected. From paying for peoples’ coffee for the next person in line, to helping a mom with kids put their groceries in their car, to helping shovel snow for your neighbor. My goal for 2013 is to continue to commit to volunteer in a formal way and to commit to doing more random acts of kindness. –Linda Turkington, Collective Impact Associate

Agnes ChiaoUnited Way of Salt Lake supports employees volunteering by providing 8 hours a month for volunteer work during business hours. This year I resolve to volunteer at least once a month at a Community Learning Center and organize quarterly volunteer opportunities for our department as well. –Agnes Chiao, Vice President of Collective Impact

Ashley HillmanMy 2013 resolution is to learn how to make better connections between our advocacy work and our neighborhood work. So much of what we do each and every day in partnership with the community hinges on policy decisions that are made at the state level. I want to not only have more of a voice myself, but I want to help empower community partners to have a voice to impact positive change. –Ashley Hillman, Community Collaborations Director

Danya PastuszekIn 2013, I will use what I am learning about Collective Impact work and how it unites diverse groups, to transform what it feels like to live in our least prosperous neighborhoods and then spark even more community involvement and giving with my loved ones (especially my 5-year old nieces). On a daily basis, I resolve to make sure that I bring respect, empathy, and a genuine desire to connect to everyone I meet. And I want to get back to the work I used to do helping adults with career goals, by coaching in one of our Neighborhood Centers. –Danya Pastuszek, Continuous Improvement Director

Nicholina WomackEvery day I get the wonderful opportunity to connect individuals and organizations to impactful volunteer work in our communities. My most significant lessons in empathy, and what I believe connects humankind, came when I began volunteering at 14 years old. I believe the earlier we instill the principals of building community into our children, our world will have more socially conscious and kind adults. For my 2013 New Year’s resolution, I will aim to give my son more opportunities to be a civically engaged member of his community and make sure we are consistently involved in volunteer efforts that will make a lasting impact. –Nicholina Womack, Volunteer Center Coordinator

logo_uw-uwslI want to expand on the volunteering I already do. I will encourage my “Little” from Big Brothers Big Sisters to do more volunteering by matching her interests with opportunities, such as volunteering at pet adoption events, and volunteering there with her. I also want to volunteer regularly with the great organizations I come into contact with at work on a daily basis! —Stephanie Rokich, Community Collaborations Director

Drew MartinezI resolve to make an impact each and every day. If it is as simple as a compliment for a co-worker who looks especially nice or spending more one-on-one time with my “little,” I resolve to always look for opportunities to serve and recognize others.  —Drew Martinez, Senior Resource Development Executive


logo_uw-uwslMy resolution is to make time to volunteer with the Oquirrh Hills students each week during the Boys & Girls Club. —Stephanie Linton, Oquirrh Hills Community Learning Center Coordinator


Amy BosworthI resolve to practice what I preach by ensuring that my two sons, ages 6 and 9, are connected to meaningful volunteer opportunities on a monthly basis. Studies show that children who volunteer are more likely to do well in school, graduate from college, and become active, voting members of the community. I would love to see those outcomes actualized for my sons, as well as children and youth throughout Utah. —Amy Bosworth, 2-1-1 Director

Chelsea NelsonIn 2013, my giving back resolution is to find meaningful volunteer experiences that I can participate in with friends and family. This holiday season my close girlfriends and I volunteered at PAL Boxing Center and it was so rewarding to give back with people I love and share that experience together. I would like to do that more often throughout the year. I resolve to find volunteer experiences and bring those I love together to help Change the Odds for kids and families. –Chelsea Nelson, Interactive Communications Director

Christina DeVoreMy 2013 New Year’s resolution is to be a better advocate for the work that UWSL is doing in our community. I want to share UWSL’s story about the difference that we are making and how the mission has changed in the last couple years to the Collective Impact model so that every child has a chance to succeed, regardless of their circumstance. I also want to walk the walk by taking advantage of more volunteer opportunities in the Community Learning Centers.  –Christina DeVore, Events Director