by Megan Jones
Major Gifts Director

Young Leaders provides training for effective advocacy, inspires compassion through community service, and encourages networking through exclusive social events. This energetic group of young philanthropists is paving the way for the next generation of community leaders to become catalysts for lasting change.

Young Leader members are encouraged to take a proactive role by volunteering for various sub-committees. This is a great way for members to volunteer their time while becoming further engaged with the Young Leaders.

Each sub-committee is chaired by a volunteer for a two year term. The chairs of the sub-committees play an important role in making key decisions about the group. Without these sub-committees and chairs, Young Leaders would not be able to accomplish all the great work they are doing in our community.

A special thanks to our past chairs for their dedication and hard work. Thank you Matt Wilcox, Chris Wood, Rich Mrazik, and Rick Widner!

A special thanks in advance to the new chairs for taking on this commitment. Thank you Claudia Larsen, Tony Hull, and Will Schwarzenbach!

If you are interested in receiving more information about the various Young Leaders sub-committees or are interested in joining Young Leaders please contact me at


Will Schwarzenbach – Questar
Public Policy Sub-Committee Chair

I have been a member of the public policy sub-committee for the past few years.  For the majority of this time the committee was led by Rich Mrazik who has served as the chair of the committee.  Rich has done an excellent job of keeping the committee informed and moving forward with advocating for early childhood education. Thanks to Rich, I have learned a lot about the important role the United Way plays in public policy.  As chair of the committee, I am excited to not only play a larger role myself, but to be able to help others get even more involved. Being a part of the public policy committee has made me aware of a lot of the issues facing the children of our state and I look forward to working with the outstanding members of the committee to ensure that we continue to make a difference.

Claudia Larsen – Zions Bancorporation
Membership and Events Sub-Committee

One of the best and most worthwhile things I have done in the past three years is join United Way Young Leaders.  I have enjoyed my association with other Young Leader members at Zions Bank as well as members from companies all across United Way of Salt Lake’s footprint.  This is such an easy way to get involved in our community and network with like-minded peers from several different and unique industries and professions.  I am lucky to follow in the footsteps of Matt Wilcox, the former Chair of the Membership and Events sub-committee.  I wish to thank him for his years of service to this group and for his example to me to get involved.  Now it is my turn to tell potential and existing Young Leaders the benefits of being involved in this dynamic group of people.  In my few years as a Young Leader, I have made many professional contacts and several new friends.  I have also had the opportunity to rub shoulders with incredible leaders from our community through great activities such as the “Lunch with a Leader” events.  Most importantly, I have found a way to give back to my community through wonderful and worthwhile volunteer opportunities.  Not only is this group effective–it is fun!

I look forward to continuing my work with the United Way of Salt Lake, helping to plan fun and exciting events for our Young Leaders, and doing my part to increase membership and spread the word not only at Zions but with other companies as well.

Tony Hull – Key Bank
Community Involvement Sub-Committee

I’m a banker.  Overly focused on the economy, finance and business strategy.  The economic struggles we’ve faced over the last several years have permanently changed my perspective on business and the economy.  However, my perspective on life has changed in a more dramatic way over the last several years due to some experiences I’ve had within our community.  I’ve helped build garden boxes for refugees who’ve fled their war-torn countries; I’ve assisted struggling junior high students with their homework, prior to watching them continue their boxing training (training that keeps them engaged in something productive rather than wandering around looking for something to do); I’ve stood in front of a class of 7th graders and talked to them about what success might look like for them; I’ve read books with elementary students who are still learning how to read, struggling to find their place in a world that doesn’t speak their language.  All these moments, which for me were life impacting, were a result of my participation in the service activities arranged by the Community Involvement Subcommittee of the UWSL Young Leaders.

The outgoing Chair of this committee, Rick Widner, was committed to making the lives of the kids we worked with better.  He did a great job promoting and supporting activities that improved the lives of children in our community.  I’m grateful for how my perspective has change and thank Rick, and all the members of the subcommittee, for these experiences.  I’ve learned that my donation to the United Way of Salt Lake has a small, but daily impact in the lives of people in our community. My participation has a lifelong impact, making me a better contributor to those in our community in need.  Join us, and let your perspective change as well.