Chelsea Nelsonby Chelsea Nelson
Senior Director of Content and Digital Marketing

If you haven’t already noticed, this site might look a little different than the last time you visited UWSL’s blog.

I am so happy to announce, that after many months of hard work from our Marketing Department, that our NEW BLOG is LIVE! We are excited to introduce to you Community Voice: Stories of Change!

You will be able to find all historical blog posts from our old blog, The Hub, here on Community Voice, but from here on out, all new content and stories will now be posted here:


The Hub will now redirect you to our new site. However, for all of our email subscribers, we wanted to let you know that you now have to sign up via email on Community Voice. You can do that by simply putting your email address into the subscribe box on the right hand side. By doing this, you will get a simple email notification each time there is a new post to Community Voice.

Also, I would love to call your attention to the “Share Your Story” tab at the top of the page! Here, you can easily submit any stories about how you, or anyone in our community, is helping to create change for kids and families.

The goal of Community Voice is to become the hub of storytelling for everyone in our community. We want to hear from you, see the wonderful images you capture, and find out how all members of our community, from students and parents to partners and principals (and everyone in between), are helping to create long-term, community wide change.

Community Voice

Thank you for joining us on this journey!
We can’t wait to share many more stories with you on Community Voice.