By Hollie Link
Student Body Officer, Taylorsville High School

During the last week of November, Taylorsville High School held its annual charity week. This year, our charity of choice was United Way of Salt Lake. As a group of 28 Student Body Officers, we collected over 5,000 dollars in just one week!

We took time during and after school asking for donations and we also carried milk jugs to gather donations while in class. After school, we spent several hours walking around neighborhoods, adventuring door-to-door, to ask for a small donations. When asked about this experience, many of my fellow student body officers reported that just getting a single cent made them feel like they were making a difference.

Besides walking around neighborhoods, Taylorsville SBO’s have a tradition to stand outside of local grocery stores and approach customers about donating. One night during this week-long charity drive, the senior class officers, and other caring students, participated in what has become known as the “Senior Freeze Out.” At this event, the seniors dress in summer attire in the middle of winter, hoping to bring attention to themselves and gather more donations!

IMG_1410To reach our goal of 5,000 dollars, we also held a dating bid. Students who donated the most could win a date with an officer of their choice. The officers love this because it encourages the students to really get involved!

Taylorsville High School officers adore charity week. This year, we really got to know one another and created bonds that will last a lifetime, all while supporting our community! For this reason, we suggest more schools get involved with United Way of Salt Lake and find ways to give back. UWSL is a diverse organization, and because of this, we felt that more people donated to our charity week.

The student body officers at Taylorsville High urge schools and other community organizations to get out there and GIVE, ADVOCATE, or VOLUNTEER with United Way of Salt Lake!