Mike Wattsby Mike Watts
Community Investment Advisor

Target team members understand that in order to have a strong business, the surrounding community needs to be healthy. Supporting communities by giving to United Way has been a cornerstone of Target’s business since 1962. This legacy of longstanding commitment to community engagement is a source of pride for Target team members.

Target Here is what a few have to say about why they give:

“When I follow the motto ‘If you want to feel good, do good’, I feel a sense of happiness and peace. Helping others gives me the opportunity to make connections with people I might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Giving to others brings me joy, reduces my stress level, and helps me put my own life into perspective.”
~ Dayna, Target Team Member

“The reason I give is because earlier on in life I needed the help and support of the United Way for my kids. Now that I am able, I make sure to donate every year and give back to help others since I needed help at one point.”
~ Karen, Target Team Member

“Growing up with a single dad who took care of 4 girls, I knew he was wearing himself thin and I knew my sisters and I were not helping his stress. Then, he started making me and my two older sisters to go to a afterschool program close by our house. The program helped us with homework and we made friends with Kellie, who taught us how to respect others and ourselves. I later found out that this program was funded by United Way and I have given every year since working here. I know it’s not much, but my circumstances could have been very different had it not been for those volunteers and United Way.”
~ Anonymous Team Member

I give because I can; you never know when something is going to drastically change in your life, and you never know when you will need that help and support.”
~ Laurie, Target Team Member

“I got involved in my first United Way campaign in 1990 as the coordinator and have been leading campaigns for Target stores for the last 25 years. I have seen the direct results that United Way plays in our community and how it serves individuals. I have enjoyed each campaign and enjoy sharing the benefits to my team during our United Way campaigns.”
~ Bert, Target Team Member

Because Bert has been giving for over 20 years, he and other Target Team Members who have been giving for this long are recognized as a Diamond Donors. To learn more about United Way of Salt Lake’s Donor Networks, visit www.uw.org/donornetworks.

Thank you to all the Target team members who pledge to GIVE, ADVOCATE, and VOLUNTEER by working with United Way of Salt Lake. You are truly helping to make our community a better places to live and work.

Thank you for taking care of our community! Way to LIVE UNITED!