by Chelsea Nelson
Interactive Communications Director

After our Internal Campaign wrapped this year, Deborah Bayle, UWSL’s President and CEO, had some exciting news to share with us! Because United Way of Salt Lake has so many employees giving on a leadership level (21 to be exact!), The President’s Club was created. The President’s Club is comprised of all UWSL employees who give at a leadership level. Quarterly, this group meets to talk about the successes of UWSL and celebrate the work that is being done. This week, The President’s Club met for the first time and I took a minute to ask some of our employees WHY they invest not only so much time, but also considerable financial commitments to furthering United Way of Salt Lake’s work in our neighborhoods and communities.  Here is what a few had to say!

“There are countless reasons I donate to United Way of Salt Lake.  Most of them come from the small successes we see in the communities where we work—those that make up our ambitious Collective Impact strategies.  Though, there are several selfish reasons I donate on a leadership level: the perks that come with being a Young Leader are fantastic.  Who knew you could get so much bang for your buck donating to a nonprofit?”
–Tim Harrison, Database Administrator

“I choose to be a Young Leader because I believe that the work of United Way of Salt Lake creates solutions for lasting, positive change. The goals are far reaching but obtainable, and I am confident that my contribution is being used effectively. As the 2-1-1 Director, I hear the heart breaking stories from residents of Utah looking for help and know that action is being taken to ultimately eradicate many of the issues that callers are facing. On a personal level as a mom of two boys, I am proud to be part of the work that creates a community where my sons can also find success.”
–Amy Bosworth, 2-1-1 Director

“The more experience I have with United Way of Salt Lake, the more passionate I feel about the work we’re doing and the more involved I want to become. I decided to become a Young Leader this year because it’s a great way to meet fun and motivated young professionals–young professionals that are driven not only in their respective careers but also in contributing to the greater good of the community. Plus with the fast-track program we have set up, it makes it very feasible.”
–Tiffani Bishop, Resource Development Assistant

“I have never participated in a workplace campaign, so for my first time, I decided to go big and donate on the leadership level.  Aside from my love of UWSL, there are other reasons I chose to contribute on the leadership level – 1) I know our organization is financially responsible and transparent – I know the money I contribute supports our Collective Impact work and the neighborhood centers where we partner. 2)  We met some high school students from Latinos In Action (a UWSL partner), and I was completely moved by the positive difference the program has made in their lives.  Knowing we are working with groups who are committed to long-term solutions, I’m confident my money is making a difference.  3) When you give at the leadership level you become a member of Young Leaders.  As a young-ish/business professional in Salt Lake, I’m interested in meeting like-minded individuals through the different networking, educational, and service projects the group participates in.  I figured there’s no better/easier way to get involved – it truly is a win-win situation.”
–Stacey Earle, Office Manager

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