zenia-frendtby Zenia Frendt
Leadership Giving Director

WLC members: Sign up TODAY for Mentor 2.0!  We need you to help change the odds for at-risk high school students in our community!

Mentor 2.0 is an innovative mentoring program that keeps the busy executive, like YOU, in mind! This will be the WLC’s second year as a key partner in the Mentor 2.0 program, and we need you to help us continue our success.

Melissa Hirschi, WLC member, and Flor Perez, Cottonwood High student, came out to the WLC’s Get Connected, Get Involved event to describe their experience in the mentor 2.0 program:

Mentor 2.0“At first I thought it was so weird to have to email with a complete stranger. I didn’t know what I was supposed to say, and I thought it was so strange. Now I am always looking forward to our emails and our visit….I always looked up to my older sister, she was my best friend. Now that she has moved away to go to school, I really missed having that person around. But now I have Melissa….I always am happy to see her….she is like becoming an older sister.” — Flor Perez, on her relationship with her mentor.

“I was excited to join Mentor 2.0, because I feel strongly about education for young women and I want to give back ……the first time we met in person I was so nervous, it felt like a first date! The best part has been watching Flor succeed, I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished. I am so happy to know her.” — WLC member, Melissa Hirschi

Mentor 2.0See the graphic below for more information.  Contact zenia@uw.org for more information or to get involved today!

Mentor 2.0