by Dan Herzog
Guest Blogger, Young Leader

The opportunity to make a difference, inspire my children to make a difference, and network with other professionals that feel the same way – are the reasons that I became a Young Leader and why I think monthly volunteering at Guadalupe School is a perfect fit.

What better way to make meaningful change than working directly with underprivileged kids?  The kids at Guadalupe School are at the age when they obtain an educational base that will affect them throughout the rest of their lives.  These economically disadvantaged youth generally speak English as a second language and with a little extra help can be set on a path of success.

Young Leaders will have the opportunity to work directly with the children and help them with basic reading and math skills. We will be able to see visible differences as we regularly participate and help on a monthly basis. These are truly amazing, talented kids – full of promise and hope.  We can give them a hand up and feed their hope with opportunities  that come from a good education.

Please check out Guadalupe Schools at  This opportunity is open for Young Leaders, their associates, and families.  Please contact Heather MacDonald at for more information on how to get involved!