Martinez, Drewby Drew Martinez
Leadership Giving Director

United Way of Salt Lake Young Leaders officially started a new year on July 1, and it was one of our best yet! Young Leaders have historically been one of our most engaged groups, but this past year we saw even more Young Leaders GIVE, ADVOCATE, and VOLUNTEER! Check out some of the amazing results from the 2013/2014 fiscal year!

  • Young Leaders gained 88 new members for a total of 352 members
  • Young Leaders donated over $350,000 to help change the odds for at-risk kids
  • 112 Young Leaders volunteered over 140 hours at Guadalupe School and Day of Caring
  • The Young Leaders Annual Celebration raised over $15,000 with 344 individuals attending
  • Nearly 70 Young Leaders engaged in over 130 action alerts either by visiting the Capitol or sending an email to their representatives

DSC_0112_resultThese are just a few of the ways the men and women of Young Leaders are helping change the odds for kids in our community. It is such a pleasure getting the opportunity to work with these impressive young professionals that contribute so much and are amazing examples of how to LIVE UNITED.

Thank you for another great year Young Leaders, and I look forward to an even bigger and better one ahead of us!

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