allison-tby Allison Temnick
Community Investment Advisor

As any Utahn knows, Zions Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in our area. With over 125 branches spread across Utah and Idaho, Zions has a huge presence in our community. Its impact spreads far beyond banking—you would be hard pressed to find a major sporting event or cultural activity in Salt Lake that Zions Bank did not help to support. What some people don’t know is that Zions’ impact in the community is about much more than sponsorships. Zions has shown its commitment by being one of United Way of Salt Lake’s biggest supporters, and this year’s United Way campaign was no exception.

Zions 1(1)Because of its huge size, Zions has various locations with significantly different styles for both work and fundraising. At the Zions Bank Building, Campaign Manager Stephanie Horne, invited employees to get a professional headshot taken for a donation to United Way. Additionally, executives like Scott Anderson, Harris Simmons, and LeeAnne Linderman promoted the campaign internally. At TOPS, a group that is a part of Zions Bancorporation in West Valley, employees purchased casual day stickers, hosted bake sales, and even manned a root-beer-float cart that they wheeled around the office throughout the week. The treasury management department decided to get involved with United Way year-round through volunteerism. They toured Guadalupe School, a United Way of Salt Lake Community School, and agreed to participate in the after-school program on a monthly basis. On top of all of these things, Zions hosted two leadership lunches, six workplace presentations, and hosted an online auction to raise additional funds for United Way. Clearly, Zions employees went above and beyond during this year’s campaign!

When it was all said and done, Zions raised over $30,000 more than they did last year for United Way of Salt Lake! Additionally, Zions organized United Way campaigns for all Zions employees, and Zions employees were able to raise over $730,000 for United Ways in Utah and Idaho.

LeeAnne 2Thank you Zions for LIVING UNITED and reminding us
that you haven’t forgotten who keeps you in business!

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