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When it comes to improving outcomes for families, research has shown that the following five strengths play a major role in engaging parents and delivering the best results for kids. 

Select one of the five categories below to learn more and explore resources available in your community.

Parental Resilience

It can be difficult to manage stress and function well when faced with challenges, adversity, and/or trauma. Building resilience, your ability to bounce back during hard times, is important.


Explore resources, linked below, to learn more about community services and programs that can help.

Mental Health Services

Programs that provide preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services to help people achieve, maintain, and enhance their emotional well-being as well as develop skills to cope with everyday demands.

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Substance Misuse and Abuse Resources

Mental health resources, specific to those who are using or misusing drugs and/or alcohol.

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Personal Enrichment

Programs that provide support for people who want to achieve their full potential. Programs include free education opportunities, youth programs, support groups, parenting skills classes, legal referrals, and more.

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Spiritual Enrichment

Programs that provide opportunities for people to grow spiritually through participation in groups or the practice of organized religion. 

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Learn More

Hotlines for Parents

Utah 211
Dial 211

Help Me Grow Utah

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Hotline


If you would like to list additional resources or join the 211 Database, please contact us here.

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