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Addressing the Racism that Drives Inequity


For the past decade, United Way of Salt Lake’s core work has been the elimination of racial and economic disparity gaps in education and health outcomes.


Despite this commitment, we know we could have done more to explicitly challenge racism in our community. We know we must be better and we are committed to this work. We invite you to join us.

Our organization

Our Organizational Commitment

As an organization, we are committed to changing our world by solving complex social problems at scale. We believe that we must work in collaboration to transform the many systems that we're a part of that create inequitable outcomes. We believe that this requires us to center racial equity, diversity, and inclusion in everything we do. Our Equity Roadmap is the work of a committee comprised of board members and staff that met in the winter of 2020-21 around a shared vision of equity for UWSL. The committee’s work was informed by equity work already in progress. Because there is much work still to be done, we are excited by the clarity this roadmap provides, and by the shared purpose its creation has fostered across our organization.


We cannot overcome racism unless we actively pursue its extinction. We must speak about it openly – with humility and a sincere desire to examine our own biases and our role in the systems that exclude and marginalize people of color. We are committed to actively educating ourselves and invite you to do the same.

Our team has compiled a list of terms, put together into a glossary and a list of resources, featuring podcasts, articles, books, and videos by experts in this field. These materials have been sourced from our staff and our partners, who we continue to learn from.


Get Involved

We are committed to working together to dismantle racism in our community. Get involved, and join us in working to build a world free of racism.

Ways to Get Involved