Blythe Pennby Blythe Penn
Website and Email Marketing Manager

In this digital age of tweets, headlines, and news feeds — it’s imperative for digital media to focus on bite-sized information, mobile responsiveness, and interactive design.

Through intensive evaluation and planning, our team came up with a website that meets all three: the new UW.ORG. It took many months and a lot of hard work to make sure UW.ORG was a place to learn and get involved — and we are so happy it is finally here! 

UW.ORG Homepage

Our homepage features a video header (bringing our work to life), a statistical results feature illustrating our impact, and an action-oriented footer to help visitors get straight to the information they need. If you want to GIVE, ADVOCATE, or VOLUNTEER — these design elements make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for — and more importantly, easy to commit to taking action!


Explore our work with an interactive map showing measured change across our region.


Click through stories from our community and see how we’re changing lives, together.



Celebrate giving back with your own fundraising page.



Make sure to find out how community schools are creating long lasting change in the areas where we work!

Community Schools

Visit pages tailored to you!

Are you a corporate partner or interested in becoming one? Learn how your company can make lasting change on the For Companies page.

Ready to get involved with collective impact? Visit For Partners to explore the resources available for this powerful work.

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