by Kara Shaw
JA City, Guest Blogger

Junior Achievement City is thrilled that United Way of Salt Lake has joined our small but powerful community.  JA City is a miniature-size town built for 5th grade students. Our facility consists of twenty sponsored storefronts that create a real community atmosphere. The students who attend JA City get to live a day in the life of an adult. They apply and interview for jobs, work, get paid, go shopping, and experience real life situations like balancing their checking accounts.

United Way of Salt Lake’s new storefront has had an amazing impact on our community, all of the students love learning about United Way of Salt Lake and participating in a unique volunteer opportunity. Camille from Sam Morgan Elementary said, “My favorite part about working at United Way is delivering the Charity boxes and asking citizens to do their part to give and help other people.” United Way helps students who visit JA City to understand how important it is to give, advocate, and volunteer in your own community because only together can we accomplish great things. Thanks to United Way of Salt Lake, Utah’s students are learning how to LIVE UNITED!