by Kristen Glendening
UWSL Volunteer

As a volunteer working with UWSL, I have been provided with several wonderful opportunities to participate in events focused toward student and child readiness.  I have had new and exciting challenges and responsibilities that encouraged me to tap into my strengths and open me up to a world I’ve never seen before!

United Way of Salt Lake provides meaningful volunteer opportunities to help you grow and find your true potential. Whether that is working closely with students to promote education, working behind the scenes acquiring office-based knowledge or skill sets, or getting your hands dirty with clean-up projects–everyone can find a way to volunteer to make our neighborhoods better. I am always impressed with how active UWSL is within our community and how dedicated they are to changing the odds for children and families. I had a very humbling, challenging, rewarding time volunteering and working with United Way of Salt Lake!


Get involved! National Volunteer Week is the perfect time.

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