by Beth Garstka
English Skills Learning Center

Teaching Empowering Parents in the elementary schools has been one of my favorite parts of working with ESLC.  In one of the beginner/intermediate classes it is incredible to see how fast the 4 language skills excel as the students focus and work hard together.  The class was rather intimidating. It had 15 students.  The exciting part is that they came on a regular basis.  The class’s friendly attitude contributed to the ability to learn.

One student in particular Martha was only able to attend once a week. She was dedicated and studied on her own.  We were learning about parent teacher conference.  She excitedly raised her hand and said, “I went to parent teacher conference without and interpreter”.   This was so exciting for everyone in the class.  The empowering parent’s class provides the backbone needed for students to interact with their child’s school.  This will not only help the family, but society as a whole as people are able to understand the culture and structure of this new land the students are living in.

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