james-brownby James Brown
Community Investment Advisor

Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) is dedicated to creating strong communities across the State of Utah. This is particularly true within the United Way of Salt Lake service area, and WCF had the opportunity to prove this, once again, with its most recent contribution to United Way of Salt Lake.

There are not enough positive adjectives in the English language to describe the amazing campaign Workers Compensation Fund held for its employees, but words like outstanding, tremendous, and generous are a good place to start! Wanting to surpass last year’s success, the WCF United Way committee set a company goal to raise $18,000 more than the previous year. WCF employees have been long-time generous supporters of United Way of Salt Lake, but this year, employees went above and beyond the corporate call to participate. Not only was the new goal met, but WCF employees blew their goal out of the water by raising an additional $20,000 on top of the goal, an increase of $38,000 over their last year’s campaign!

WCF Kick-Off When asked what the difference was, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Peggy Larsen, responded with WCF’s idea to give all WCF employees a first-hand look at what United Way of Salt Lake is doing in the community. WCF President and CEO, Ray Pickup, invited all WCF employees to attend a site visit at one of United Way of Salt Lake’s Community Schools. Prior to WCF’s campaign kick-off, 195 WCF employees attended 20 different site visits over a three week period. The results will blow you away!

WCF Site Visit 1

WCF Site Visit 2

WCF Site Visit 3WCF Site Visit 476 percent of WCF employees who attended a site visit, increased their charitable contribution from the prior year’s gift. We had the great privilege of hearing from some of these employees about their experiences at the Community School and at the WCF Campaign Kick-off Meeting.

WCF Testimonial

To summarize President and CEO Ray Pickup:

 WCF employees don’t give because they are rewarded with a casual dress sticker, WCF employees give because they care about the community in which they live.

And it’s true. As stated earlier, Workers Compensation Fund is dedicated to creating strong communities. Their employee charitable giving campaign is only one of the many ways WCF has chosen to give back. We look forward to working with them on many upcoming volunteer projects!

Thank you, Workers Compensation Fund,
for showing us what it means to LIVE UNITED!