by Jennifer Baguley
UWSL Intern


When my son was a year old, I went back to school. My husband and I budgeted and saved and sacrificed in order for me to able to go back full-time while living on one income. Things were tight, but we made it work.

During the days when I was at school, my son went to daycare. Last fall he turned 3 and was ready for preschool and excited to go. My husband and I began looking into programs and researching what was available. It quickly became apparent that we were not going to be able to afford to send him to preschool while still paying for daycare, my tuition, and our monthly bills–all on one income. We were stuck.

Unable to find a preschool program we could afford, and unable to figure out an alternative, we made the decision to put off preschool until I graduated and was able to find a job. I support HB96 and the expansion of high-quality preschool programs because all children deserve the opportunity to attend preschool and start kindergarten school-ready! Parents should not have to forgo preschool because of the cost.  

IMG_1564Let your legislator know that you support HB96!