zenia-frendtby Zenia Frendt
Leadership Giving Director, Women’s Leadership Council

Why is it important to empower women? Study after study has shown that when women do better, everyone does better.

A woman with a good education is a better steward of her family’s finances. A company with more women leaders is statistically proven to have a higher financial performance than a company with few women in leadership roles. When women earn more, the economy overall also does better. In short—there are countless reasons why empowering women should be important to all of us. So, why isn’t it?

In Utah, women are faring worse than most women in the nation. WalletHub recently published its “2015 Best and Worst States for Women’s Equality,” and it is clear that we have a lot of work to do. Utah was ranked dead last out of all 50 states. WalletHub’s findings are based off a variety of factors, including:

  • Workplace environment (Utah placed 45th)
  • Largest pay gap (Utah placed 47th)
  • Largest executive positions gap (Utah placed 47th)
  • Education (Utah placed 49th)
  • Largest education attainment gap (Utah placed 50th)

This is more than a little bit disheartening, especially in light of all we are learning about the importance of women’s success and leadership.

“Women’s leadership is more than important in today’s world, it’s imperative. Whether it’s the public or private sector, organizations that are led by inclusive leadership teams make better decisions that deliver better results. The qualities that are required to lead in the 21st century include the ability to connect, collaborate, empathize, and communicate—all qualities that tend to be “female” in nature. Women in leadership roles position organizations in a way that makes them fit for the future.”



Hope IS in sight, however. More and more Utah women have joined together to create networks and opportunities for girls and women in our community and our state.

At United Way of Salt Lake, our Women’s Leadership Council is celebrating its 10th year of empowering women to reach their potential through education. Please join us for this monthly blog series on women’s empowerment in our community as we countdown to our 10th annual Power of Your Purse gala! 

Learn the facts, see how YOU can make a difference, and read about women leaders right here in the Salt Lake area.

Empowering woman can improve entire communities. From the home, to the office, to government, and the economy; WE have the power to change the odds.

We hope you will join us here on The Hub, as well as at Power of Your Purse, as we share ways to empower women and young girls to reach their potential!