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Run a Workplace Campaign

When you organize a United Way workplace campaign, you have the opportunity to educate employees about the needs right here in our community and connect them with easy ways to give back. Whether through volunteerism, advocacy opportunities, or donations, statistics show that employees who work for companies that have a Corporate Social Responsibility program are more productive and happier in the workplace!

Connect with a UWSL Corporate Engagement Specialist who will walk you through creating an inspirational and fun workplace campaign!

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How To Run a Workplace Campaign


Utilize resources and best practices to make sure your employees understand and are committed to creating change in our community!

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Share United Way of Salt Lake stories with employees to connect them to ways they can help create a better future for the every kid and family in our community. Encourage giving back with both time and money.

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Be sure to thank those who have donated. Meaningful follow up about how their gift is supporting our neighborhoods, children, and families is critical. Share the results of their investment!

Philanthropy Cloud takes your campaign to the next level

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Silicon Slopes

“Paramount to our community’s continued success and prosperity is our duty to ensure the Silicon Slopes don’t rise while the rest of Utah falls or remains stagnant.” – Clint Betts, Silicon Slopes

Penna Powers

“As social change is such a large part of what Penna Powers does, we appreciated how United Way of Salt Lake approached our workplace campaign. UWSL didn’t just solicit our donations, it inspired social change.” - Julene Thompson, Penna Powers


“It’s rewarding to be able to put smiles on children’s faces. This is something they’ll always remember and can say “hey, remember that one time Netflix came to our school all dressed up?!” I think It’s amazing to have an impact like that on children.” -Sabrina Howell