DSC_0030LRGby Zenia Frendt
Resource Development Executive

United Way of Salt Lake believes that creating healthy behaviors and attitudes can lead to a healthier life overall, and this week 24 Hour Fitness affirmed that they share this belief.  Thanks to Wellness Manager and Corporate Trainer Melissa Cox, 24 Hour Fitness is taking a greater interest than ever in our community.

picture 1Although 24 Hour Fitness is new to working with UWSL, they have certainly jumped in with both feet.  In our overall objectives of education, income and health, 24 Hour Fitness has decided to focus their energies on the “health” aspect of our pipeline, aligning their own values with those of United Way.

This week, 24 Hour Fitness came out to United Way to talk to our own employees about their commitment to become involved with our programs and to share some advice on health and wellness.

Their plans for involvement in United Way and the community are exciting.  In addition to running a workplace giving campaign, 24 Hour Fitness is planning to start volunteer projects at our neighborhood centers that would engage children not only in fun exercise programs, but also in discussions about nutrition, fitness and overall wellness.  They are also looking at sponsoring a 5k run in the fall for both their employees and patrons, with the proceeds going to United Way of Salt Lake!

After highlighting their future plans with United Way, Melissa and two of her trainers spoke to us about wellness topics.  While covering varied subjects such as general nutrition, diet myths, vegetarian proteins, and office exercises, Melissa and her training team answered questions and gave demonstrations.  After all, if we hope to successfully encourage healthy habits and behaviors in our community at large, then it is certainly a good idea to look inwards and make sure that we are working towards a healthier lifestyle for ourselves.  This is what it means to LIVE UNITED.  And I, for one, am sitting up a little straighter today!  Thank you, 24 Hour Fitness!

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