by Christina DeVore

Events Director

United Way of Salt Lake’s Tocqueville Society gathered Tuesday night at Zions Bank’s to honor John Milliken, President of Milcom, Inc. as the Member of the Year! They also gathered to recognize the newest Tocqueville members as our community’s most influential and generous leaders.

Deborah Bayle, President & CEO of United Way of Salt Lake, spoke about the impact that the 72 member’s contribution of nearly $3 million has made so far this year. Deborah described the new member award beautifully–which is a crafted crystal ball with a drop inside in the motion of a wave.  Deborah stated that just like a wave, the impact of each member’s gift to our community has rippling effects.

The evening was topped off with guest speaker, Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of Hewlett – Packard.  Carly and her husband, Frank, are also members of their local Tocqueville Society. Carly said, “Tonight, through your very generous contribution to this community through United Way of Salt Lake, you are giving people you may never meet and may never know a chance to seize a possibility.” She highlighted that we are lucky to live in a country that gives new chances to others and shared her own stories of people who have taken a chance on her–from where she started as a receptionist to becoming the first female president of a Fortune 20 company.

As the sun set behind the mountains and the desserts were finished, Carly ended by saying that leadership is about valuing innovation and learning from our experiences. Carly said, “Your generosity has given a whole bunch of people a chance, and that, I think is what this nation is all about.”

Rick Widner, a member of the United Way of Salt Lake Board said, “It was my pleasure as a new board member to attend the Tocqueville Society recognition dinner.  The evening started out with a nice reception where I was able to talk with many of the Tocqueville Society members with the skyline view of the city as a backdrop from the Zions bank 18th floor.  John Milliken, President of Milcom, Inc. was recognized as the Tocqueville Society member of the year.  Carly Fiorina who was the CEO of HP for 10 years was the keynote speaker.  I get the opportunity to hear many people speak, and this was easily one of the best I have ever heard.  Carly shared her thoughts about the importance of small business in the United States and that this is the only country where any person with any skill-set can use their talents to pursue their own dream. Someone asked Carly if she had to fight the “glass ceiling” and she made it clear that an imaginary barrier would not define who she was.  She also shared about the importance of volunteering and contributing to organizations such as United Way and we all left that evening very inspired.”

Thank you to our generous sponsor, Zions Bank, and the investment from each of our Tocqueville Society members.

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