frendt-zeniaby Zenia Frendt
Community Investment Advisor

Congratulations to Grant Ross and Mark Clingman, our second and third finalists for the giveaway of a FREE year’s lease on a 2014 BMW from BMW of Murray and a FREE year’s worth of gas from Tesoro!

We surprised Grant in the ATK lunch room with balloons and a view of the beautiful BMW out the window. Of course, all of his buddies had to follow him outside to tease and heckle him while he had his picture taken. The last laugh, of course, was Grant’s—he was the one who got to zoom off at full-speed in a shiny, black BMW, leaving all his friends in the dust!


One month later, we were back again with the BMW—this time for Mark, upon whom we played a little trick. Mark was involved in the surprise for Grant, so we were a little worried that he would catch on to us before the finalist was announced. And so, his supervisor pulled him aside and told him that the finalist was another colleague, and that Mark was in charge of making sure he was in the lunchroom when the announcement was made. We caught Mark TOTALLY off guard!


Good luck, Grant!  Good luck Mark!  We thank you for all of your involvement in ATK’s campaign this year, and I can only imagine the office rivalry that will be going on around ATK! Thank you for LIVING UNTIED!

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